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Creates a connection between phones and computers
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Access a phone from a personal computer via a Wi-Fi network or by means of a physical cable by establishing a software bridge in the dedicated utility emulating SSH connectivity. Basic editing and management of phone contents are possible along with data transfer.

Several articles have appeared on the internet describing how to access the iPhone without WiFi or the experience of those that have trouble accessing it via SSH, With iPhone Suite Tunnel is not necessary to have Wifi to access the iPhone as you would for SSH.

Iphone tunnel Suite from Italian developer Imakkie that not only let you access your iphone through cable, it also works if you have Wifi, and you just need to use it to create a device and put your IP address (if you have wifi) and if you do not have wifi, wear the same as the Tunnel and IP services active NPS iTunnel and iConnect then open the File Browser and you are ready.

At first glance, we see that this new 2.7 version has improved aesthetics. But besides that, it also has other improvements, such as the ability to save multiple devices with different configurations (Model appliance and firmware) as well as auto-updates.

If you still need help to get started, there are some tutorials in different languages available on imakkie website, english here: http://www.makkiaweb.net/blog/iphone-tunnel-suite/english-tutorial/

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  • tiny download
  • easy to use
  • fully functional in a few minutes


  • website is italian, you need to use the blog to get info in english, here is the link http://www.makkiaweb.net/blog/2008/09/iphone-tunnel-suite-27/
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